Private Rooms and Catering

Hosting with Us

Event Types

At our Westheimer Pkwy location, one of our private VIP rooms may be perfect for your next event. Our restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people in our largest space for special occasions, such as holiday celebrations, glittering galas, corporate events, wedding receptions, showers, birthday parties, bible studies, family gatherings, staff luncheons, or quinceañeras.

Whole Restaurant Events

We sometimes arrange private events inside the entire dining area with hired staff and outside of regular restaurant hours.

Private Bartender

Some of our staff, including bartenders, are available to make your next in-house event run more smoothly.

Catering Services

At both of our locations, you can order party platters from our standard catering menu. For in-house events, we can discuss special options. Similar options apply to large events, as well as delivery. See our Menu page or more info below. 

Catering Truck

We have select delivery for special events in the Katy area.

Flexible for Informal Events

With our two private rooms described below, as well as a full bar and a sushi bar (at both locations), we have space even for informal events. For example, cycling clubs meet at our restaurant both casually and for recurring events. We are popular among food tourists for not only our extensive menu offerings but also custom sushi creations.

60 Person Max

Fuji Banquet Room

A separate dining area that can be brightly lit and staged for any occasion. From casual to formal, the room can be adapted and uniquely decorated to suit all kinds of functions.

Private bartender can be hired. Also ask about music performers. 4K TV mounted on wall. Speakers and A/V equipment available. Broadband Wi-Fi may support your teleconferencing needs.

25 Person Max

Golden Room

You may want to host a private dinner or intimate event in this lovely room. This quiet space can suit both impromptu and planned events depending on booking availability.

Private bartender can be hired. 4K TV mounted on wall. Custom staging and your own decorations are possible. Broadband Wi-Fi may support your teleconferencing needs.

Standard and Custom Orders

Catering Services

We offer a selection of special menus and buffet options for functions you host at our restaurant. We can discuss our offerings as you plan your event.

At both of our locations, we also provide catering services to external events. Some delivery options are available or you can order for takeout. For typical large orders for your own small party or medium-sized events, refer to our standard catering menu.